We have used and harnessed the power of WordPress on many web development projects. We love its flexibility, ease of use and its expandable nature.

So what is WordPress? It is web software used to create dynamic, feature rich websites. Installed on your web server, it enables you to run your own website, giving you the tools to update and make changes to your website yourself.

WordPress is built by hundreds of community volunteers and is released as open source under the GNU General Public License. What this means is that there are no license fees to be paid, so you can use it for free. There are also hundreds of developers donating time and working on WordPress plugins and themes, making it possible to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. With over 25 million people around the world using wordpress on their website, you can be assured that it is a powerful and popular tool for website owners around the world.

WordPress is installed directly into the website so that administering or updating the website happens directly through the web browser itself. The CMS will give you the following core functionality:

  • User Friendly Administration Every website we build has its own CMS. If you or your staff can use Microsoft Word then you can be easily trained to update your site.
  • Add/Edit/Remove Pages Easily, create and edit your own website content as well as add images and documents.
  • Site-Wide Search for all text areas within the site
  • Advanced SEO options for each page, giving you complete control over title and descriptions for every
  • page.
  • Roles for any number of staff, giving different capabilities depending on the user level.

We recommend hosting WordPress on a dedicated WordPress host: WPEngine. If you want to find out more please get in touch and we’ll chat to you further.

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